Welcome to my website!

Hi, I'm Gerd. I live in the center of Germany. I'm an amateur photographer, in its literal meaning of loving to photograph.

Like many other people I began taking pictures with a small pocket camera which my parents gave to me when I was a little boy. So took pictures of everything... Most of them were terrible but when time went by, my sense for composition got better. Unfortunately, I didn't learn much about technical aspects of photographing. Then, some years ago, just after I bought first DSLR, my neighbour Paavo Blåfield invited me for a photography workshop. This was the time when I rediscovered my love for photography and began to learn some basic lessons about aperture, shutter speed and exposure. I'm still a beginner, but I'm constantly improving...

I like taking photos of nature, landscapes and architecture. I love to make subjects look totally different than through the eyes. I like working with a shallow depth of field and night shots, as freehand with available light or on a tripod. Another thing I like are long exposure shots with blurred motion. I'm always eager to learn more about the wonderful craftsmanship of a photographer and in the near future I'll do some projects on short time exposures to freeze action. I'm a great fan of white angle glasses.

I use a Fuji X-Pro2, a X-Pro1 and a Coolpix A. Recently I bought a Rollei 35s and an Olympus XA, so I'll begin to shoot on b&w film again. And I'll develop it by myself using caffenol...

My photographs are shot in RAW and developed in Capture One Pro on a Mac. I use Affinity Photo and NIK Filters to work with the pictures. Sometimes, I create HDRs from exposure series. Recently, I began to develop a lot of my photos black and white.

...in the old times, people had albums to show their photographs on paper or they invited their friends to present slideshows... I created this small website to serve exactly this purpose because I think photos are made to be shown. I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to drop me a line, post a comment or share my website with friends.